NOOB I want to run WinXP only in VIRTUALBOX

I was going to reply to this thread...then realised I already did a year ago...stupid me.

my best guess was the OP was trying to install 32 bit XP on to 64 bit Linux, without adding the 32 bit codecs to his linux first

then realised I already did a year ago
Not too bad:
I understood, an usual XP install did not work, from the hardware. But did not say anything about the troubles. OK.
And, that Linux 64 Bit VM for XP 32 Bit needs in addition some 32 Bit codecs therefor, I would not have expected. This is new to me. So, thank You.
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It's a while since I played with a VM, I prefer to stick with external hard drives.
Currently VM - even VirtualBox, the most easy VM I understand until now - to me is just a challenge.
(But this Search does let find already some things this topic[title_only]=1&o=date)

(Linux Mint Mate 21.3, there in VM Knoppix 9.3, in one partition.
The second partition Win10, for perhaps some things.
An other drive, with only 2 partitions - more than 2 partitions on one drive I do not like, because of the order from Win does sort them - XP 32 Bit and XP 64 Bit.
For probably to test other Linux-versions with: in Linux Mint Mate.
Each on one drive would need 4 drives. And a fifth, when trying an other Linux-version ...)

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