No sound from front speakers anymore on msi ms-16r1


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I have upgraded from Pop OS 19.04 (disco) to 21.04 (hirsute). The corresponding Kernel version was upgraded as well from 5.0 to 5.11.0-7620-generic. However my msi ms-16r1 laptop front speakers does not work anymore - no sound.

The headphones and internal microphone are working fine. I tried everything as described on the pop os sound troubleshooting instructions with no luck. Please find my ALSA debug script information.

There is similar issue reported and Kernel bug opened (, which has not been resolved for more than 1 year. Any help or advice will be highly appreciated.


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By happenstance, I recalled this thread:

I'm wondering if there's a sound bug. I saw another post, on Reddit, where the user swapped out pulseaudio entirely.


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If you have a backup with an older version of your OS, restore it and see if the front speakers will work there. This way you'll know for sure if it's a driver problem or a hardware one bc if they work with the older version, that would mean it's a driver problem. If they don't, then it's a hardware problem (they have died).
Once you determine whether it's a driver problem or hardware, it should beasier to go on from there.