NJ Man Hired Online to Firebomb, Shoot at Homes Gets 13 Years in Prison


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Apr 30, 2017
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This is why the dark web exists. that guy needs to read the privacy articles. Stupid is as stupid does.
It’s completely crazy, people are going crazy!
You are correct. The stuff we see on a seemingly daily basis is mind numbing. These things, such as the thread starter's topic and the event in Maine never happened just a handful of years ago. Our society is imploding.

IMO, we went soft. There is no real consequences anymore for doing dumb stuff. So, common sense is never learned. We spend all our free time on video games killing people. So, there's no value to other's lives. And religion is all but gone. So, few are afraid of what might happen in the afterlife. I'll leave it at that and step off my soapbox before someone starts throwing tomatoes.
Friendly Reminder: Subjects like religion and politics are off-limits on this site.
I'm aware. Was sort of a blanket statement that I didn't feel would cause an issue. Will edit it out if you'd like.

We'll be okay. It's a friendly reminder, so let's just accept your thoughts and not discuss them in depth regarding those two subjects.

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