NIC Card Detection



My E-machine's motherboard ethernet is toast, so I have installed anb Intel 82574L Gigabit Network card. It's run fine with distros like Slackware or Debian or Solydx. Recently though, I've tried some other installs like Arch Linux or Linux Mint Debian Edition and problems. I seemed to get an IP address, but could not ping out to website.

Originally, I had Arch installed with a /root, /home, and swap partition along with the SysLinux boot method. I tried it again with everything on 1 partition and booting with GRUB. I just had the general idea that somehow a driver was not loading right. This was just an intuitive guess, but whatever I did worked and I'm now posting from this computer.

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts what happened or how I can avoid this problem in the future.

Could have been a bad upgrade or miss-write to disk. Who knows?

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