Newbie to Linux: Can't access shared folders on Ubuntu on Windows 10


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Jun 27, 2022
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Hey Everyone. Help I've tried everything. Using Ubuntu 22.04 and all is setup well I think?
Samba is installed, I've shared the Folders from the simple web GUI with no permissions required as I followed by several
Tutorials on YouTube, etc..

I have both a Windows Server, and OpenMediaVault6 running and all have shared folders accessible on everything in our home , PC's, Android, FireTV's, Etc. So something I've missed on the Windows 10 PC, as several Shared Folders show up, but I am denied access from lack of permissions. Please see the Message attached.

I know this is likely very elementary to many here, and I'm pretty Windows Network Savvy, but this has me at wits end.

Thank in advance for any help but please keep it simple for me as I'm just getting started on Linux.


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