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Dec 19, 2018
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Hello all!

As part of my migration away from big corporation software, among other things, I would need to use a FOSS cloud storage service. Having done some research, I concluded Nextcloud would be a great option, so I started the installation process in my home desktop (running Arch Linux).

I must admit, it was quite difficult to install the LAMP stack and Nextcloud itself, given that I have little to no knowledge in database structure, or any of the sort, but I believe I did it right. I now manage to open my browser, type localhost and see my Nextcloud login page, and finally to use my chosen username and password and access my account. So I think this first step is done correctly.

But then, I tried accessing it on my laptop (Linux Mint), and surprise surprise, it was unavailable. I had installed the Nextcloud sharing app on it, but I didn't manage to login to my account, because for some reason the app wouldn't accept the addess I inserted in order to connect to my database. I wonder if I have to reinstall the entire LAMP stack and Nextcloud service in my laptop just the way I did on my desktop.

This is something I want to do as well as on a macbook air I have at home, and both macbook as well as the Linux Mint laptop must be able to access the database from an external internet connection. So, my question is, what am I missing here? What else beyond maybe configuring each computer as a localhost and then sharing access between one another do I still have to do in order to grant remote acces, from an external network? Is this even possible? Would this forum even be the right place where to ask this question?

Thank you so much!

I did ask for a quotation for their tech support. They sell yearly subscription services starting from about €2k, for up to 50 users. Most of the pages in their forums were exclusive for their customers, I couldn't access it without paying for the service. I didn't try the IRC channel yet. What particularly is this PPA for in Linux Mint? The page is in German, unfortunately I don't understand it. =P Is it a package for utilities needed for the LAMP stack or the Nextcloud syncing app?

But beyond that, I want to make sure I'm doing things right. I mean, the whole purpose of having a cloud service like Google Drive is that you can access your files anywhere you have an internet connection. I think I setup my desktop connection correctly, but the fact that I need to access localhost in my browser in order to enter Nextcloud makes me think they're not actually on a cloud, or might not be accessible from an external internet connection, but only inside my LAN. Am I understanding this right, or is Nextcloud itself already configured so that it allows access from the outside? Am I missing something?
I don't have NextCloud but it sounds interesting. I just went to their forums and created an account and went to the Installation forum and was able to at very least start a thread (I didn't submit). I would suggest you start here My guess is you'll have to install it on each machine, but that's just my guess. I used Drop Box several years ago and if I recall correctly, I had to install it on my computer to use it.
The page is in German

Doesn't really matter when you know what you are looking for :)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nextcloud-devs/client

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install nextcloud-client

sudo nano /etc/environment

The last line is to open a text file for modifying, using the text editor Nano, a command line editor.

For long files,

sudo nano -m /etc/environment[

would be better. The -m option (mouse) provides for you to point and click and the insertion point will move to where you click.

Once you open that environment file,

Dort einfügen - insert there


Other than if the mouse is enabled, navigation within Nano is by your direction keys.

Once you have made you changes, begin the exit process with

^x ... which is Ctrl-x , then follow the prompts, agreeing with the name of the file and exiting.

Cheers and Avagudweegend

Oh, wow! Thanks a lot! I'll make sure to try these suggestions. For the time being, I started a Nextcloud account with a Swiss server, that offers 2GB per account. It isn't much, but that will do for now. I'll keep posting here if I manage to setup a better configuration in the near future.

PS: just an FYI, I have just re-re-re-reformatted and installed Arch Linux on my machine, after Warframe's last update apparently broke the game login again. It's kind of off-topic, but not that much considering that with the reformatting, my pc is now again without any localserver configurations, and without LAMP stack. Still, kinda sucks not being savvy enough to understand how to fix crashes in games, instead of desperately trying to make it work by reinstalling everything from scratch all over again.

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