New Users: Can't PM or post links until you have 5 posts.


Yep - we have the stopforumspam plugin - sent someone there this morning btw that got through ;) That, and the keycaptcha seem to stop most of the bots..

We are still using the plugin for PMs/links also. I'm usually finding the spammers like to load up their sig and their 'homepage'.. so a search through the db finds probably 95% of them..

Just turn off the facility for signatures or use the limit url and signatures plugin, I see you are using some good plugins already. I would also make signatures for subscribers only or members that have PM'd you a request.

You will always get the ones that get through but the more you can divert away the better. There is also a way of blocking whole countries where a lot of spam comes from with your .htaccess, what you should also do is make your .htaccess inaccessible from attacks with a deny script.

Well, I like new ppl being able to use sigs - that's how I catch most of the spammers.
Hey Snrm,

Give it another shot now.. i raised the weight limit..

I'm still having trouble. I am uploading files below 100KB and it still says invalid file and they are all JPEG. Does the forum not automatically resize images? Meaning I would need to actually have a 100x100 image below 190KB(Or something around that)
I don't envy you administrating a forum. I've done it before.. Good luck and have fun
I was just about to say upping it to 10 would probably be a good idea. 5 posts is pretty easy to do and if they really wanted to spam this site they would do 5 no problem. But you're the admin so its all on you :) I was also going to suggest that maybe have people be a member for 24 hours before posting links? Most spammers would probably get bored or forget about the site :p
Are there any rules to changing your avatar before you get a certain amount of posts? As I said in my introductory post, I am unsure why the system will not let me add an avatar. No matter what file type I put it keeps saying invalid file. I would imagine it would say "You need more posts to do that" if this was the case but I am just trying to make sure.

I don't think it works that way. I just joined a couple hours ago, and I set my avatar right away.
Actually I'm glad this was resurrected as the spam situation is becoming a problem and will only get worse. I would suggest disabling the signature field or posting of links in the signature for the first 10 posts if it's possible to do that in XenForo?
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Why not just refuse posting of links to new users for 6 mos to a year? You know, trust and commitment!

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