New to linux!!

Hello guys!!! I'm new here by the way and I maybe kinda need a little bit of help of what I'm gonna do or what I should do now or in future...Thanks for reading it


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Welcome to, cerqngbe.


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i do not know about cerqngbe_xvyyre27 but i have instlled several linux distrobutions on my machine and want to make changes i am also pretty new to this. though i am almost 70 (next month). have 32 gig of ram on a old comp with BIOS not uefi 2 hard drives and tomorrow i will be installing a ssd. i want to make the ssd bood drive for my primary distro and one of the others data drive for all 3 distros currently installed. eventually i will have 5 drives hopefully ssds. any advise will help.

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