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Mary Smith

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Hi all!

Bear with me because I am very new to Linux. I was wondering what the best software to download would be for my computer. I have a Macbook pro currently running on OS X El Capitan. I need a software that would assist with High Performance Computing. I am manipulating a data set in R that has 3 million rows and it is not running as fast as I would like. I'm also not sure if Linux is something that can help with this issue.



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You may have to bear with us, Mary :p

(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, trips over Macbook, curses, turns it into a PC)

Hi Mary & welcome to :)

I know nothing about HPC, but enough about Linux to be dangerous. :rolleyes:

A cursory Google search under keywords "linux high performance computing" and hpc linux distro" reveals a few leads.

One of them is from DistroWatch, which many Linux users frequent, and it is Pelican:

It is based on Debian, which I and a number of others use, but I cannot guess whether it supports data sets in R.

Another of our gurus better qualified may swing by and give better advice. Perhaps in the meantime you can provide the specs for your Macbook.

Cheers and good luck. I will watch with interest, and contribute if qualified.

Chris Turner
wizardfromoz ... that's DownUnder :D


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Use Debian, it´s very good and fast.
I might be reluctant to try Debian... its hard enough to get the proper drivers for regular PC's sometimes, much less the trouble it might be on a Mac. Debian is a great distro, but you may want to search for those that have the least amount of system requirements so that you have more horsepower left for the "R" program.

As @Rob suggested, its a good idea to test the distro you think you want to use on a flash drive first to hopefully ensure the hardware compatibility. We usually suggest that everyone do that... or install Linux in VirtualBox and test in a virtual machine environment. But with the performance needs you are reaching for, I think you will really have to do a full Linux install in order to find out if it will run your "R" program sufficiently (or any better than natively on the Mac). This might be a big step if you're not familiar with Linux, and you will definitely want to be well-prepared to restore your Mac OS if the Linux trial doesn't work out for you. I'm not a Mac user, so I have no idea what's involved in restoring the Mac OS, if you need to do that.

Good luck!


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Use Debian, it´s very good and fast.
Sir i am new trainee programmer (Oracle database design and development) i want to use MacBook pro for linux operating system , So will i face any major problem for using Linux OS on macbook pro ? Few members said that macbook's headphone jack don't work, brightness don't be adjust properly , fan always turn on and also macbook goes too much hot. So please give me a advice what i will do ? But i want to use linux on MacBook Pro......... Thank you


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Sir which MacBook model is best for linux ? i can manage if have any model of macbook , please advice me sir

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