New series of spins built from Debian-- SpiralLinux


Jul 18, 2020
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Hi everyone, I'm the creator and maintainer of GeckoLinux, which is a project to polish off the rough edges from openSUSE and make it much quicker to install and more usable out-of-the-box. GeckoLinux isn't going anywhere, but it looks like the openSUSE Leap branch the way we know it as a periodic-release slow-moving traditional Linux distro will be phased out by SUSE and openSUSE within a few years. Although I do like and use the GeckoLinux Rolling spins built from openSUSE Tumbleweed, I also need some systems to change less quickly. So I decided to hedge my bets and create an additional set of Linux live installable spins built from Debian Stable, with a lot of little conveniences and a focus on polish. Like GeckoLinux, a major goal of SpiralLinux is to remain completely dependent on the upstream distribution's development resources and infrastructure, so there are no custom SpiralLinux repositories or SpiralLinux custom software. This eliminates the concern of a small project disappearing or suffering from lack of resources, because once installed SpiralLinux is a legitimate Debian system and can be infinitely upgraded to future Debian releases. For users concerned about vanilla Debian being too old to run on very new hardware, SpiralLinux uses the much newer kernel and proprietary or free firmware packages from Debian Backports. You can read more about the specific features of SpiralLinux and why it exists in this crowded space of Debian-based distros by visiting the website:
Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions about it.

Thanks very much to and @wizardfromoz for allowing me to post this announcement!
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Sam, looking to taking it for (wait for it)

... a spin

(I could have helped that, but hey)

My reaction is a smile :)

Thank you for creating Gecko Linux; I've used it a couple of times as an easy/lazy way of installing openSuSE (it was great!); and I'm sure SpiralLinux will be a great and useful tool for users who want a Debian base too.

(Sorry I'm no longer a user, I replaced my Gecko with Ubuntu (I was spending a lot more of time with the Ubuntu project), and whilst I use Debian (this box runs bookworm) I rarely find a reason to (re-)install it. Using stable makes sense to me too, as any user who wants testing will have no issues bumping themselves there).
Well Hello little Lizard :) I have used your distro via linux format magazine.
Very easy to use.
If you are looking for another way, check out Locos por Linux who has his own Debian take Loc-OS Linux.
Homepage :
Youtube :
He like me digs speed born of efficiency
You might need DeepL for translation but 76MiB RAM used is common in any language.
Hope this helps? Good Luck
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