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Hi, downloaded your latest 32 bit build to try on my old acer ZG5 [currently running P10R] Not impressed after 4 attempts I gave up as it constantly loads with number lock enabled, hence I could not finish the installation completing the boxes required

Like others, I've played with it in VM a couple times. Didn't see anything particularly special, so left it at that.
But ...
I like how the new Peppermint OS offers a base only to install and then you get to choose and install the software you want.
This is something I wish Linux Mint would do. I'd like the option to install minimal, and once set up, I can install what I want. Luckily, Mint tends fairly close to minimal. I only uninstall Thunderbird and HexChat.
@Brickwizard - That's good to know.... thanks! for the feedback! will definitely, look into it. Although I have not noticed that problem myself..... hmmmm.... I am assuming you did the Devuan testing base or was it the Debian based either way I can check it out. no worries

@SlowCoder you are absolutely on point...LOL the goal was to make it as minimal as acceptable I guess is one way to view it (when you do that it does remove the specialty it once had, I think that's why we caught a lot of heat back in Feb on the initial release ) ... but yes I do agree with you.

All in all though guys this is really great feedback. Thank you very much
I am assuming you did the Devuan testing base
Spot on, I have had various problems with Devuan in the past when running on my testing drives
Never had an issue installing Peppermint. But I am liking MX more and more. Still low resource use and, Mint has an easier Software manager, but MX updates are quicker.
I tried it as a VM...I think it's the one that doesn't come with LibreOffice.
@pepdebian -- just today installed Devuan Chimaera.

MIYO was my first devuan-derived distro.

The former is a little more polished at the moment. I like it for its easy install and wifi connectivity as wellas the simple yet attractive interface.
@forester - I have used / tested MIYO before. It is a nice build. The dev/s there do great work.
Makes me nervous :) as we are prepping to drop PeppermintOS(Devuan-base) in the next couple of weeks. both 64 and 32... crossing our fingers for a good reception from the non systemd community

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