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Jan 22, 2022
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Hi to all. Retired veterinarian, been using Mint since about version 5 or 7, can't remember. Dual boot most everything with Windoze, (and will until I can run Taxact or Turbotax on Linux).I'll never write script, and have to look up BASH commands when I need them, but especially appreciate those of you that do. I live in a fly-over state (after living 49 years in So Calif), so wave as you fly over.

Welcome to the forums.. woo-hoo someone older than me
G'day Taildragger, Welcome to

my dog (see pic, avatar) would love to see/meet you too ! (she has an itch that wont go away)
Retired veterinarian

Domestic animals/urban, or livestock/rural?

Glad you found your way here.

We actually have a few Members 10 - 12 years your Senior, so new boy can buy the beers.


Thanks from you all. KGILL and Brick.. you both helped me on the C6 and hardware acceleration problem.
Condo.... what kind of dog? and where is the itchiness? Atopy is the most frequent cause (and a real pain)
Wizardfrom..... Are you from the real Oz like me, or are you from Austraila? :)
Are you from the real Oz like me, or are you from Austraila?

DownUnder - the real Oz is Australia, a land of wonder and magic. ;)

Morning to you.

More coffee.
Oh yeah, large or small animals?
Both, all the way from St. Bernards down to Chihuahuas!
Hello @Taildragger,
Welcome to the Forums, enjoy! :)
G'day again, Taildragger.
The dog is a Kelpie, 13 years old....itchiness is in the belly area. She scratches incessantly in her sleep as well.

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