New Linux nas distro



Hey guys

i'm on a new project where i'd want to develop a new linux nas/server distro with a webinterface similar på Synology DSM or a more interactive webinterface.

the ones that are available now is not that pretty looking and want i want is eye candy and functionality.

now i need some guy who are developers and wants to be a part of this project.
is there anyone out there that want to be a part og this?


...So you want someone else to do all the work for you?...

What have YOU done so far?

Has anyone told you that servers are normally headless?
You must really be stupid thinking that I want others to do my work. I am searching for a team that want to be a part of a big project. I have already started the development. I know that servers are headless but they are some times managed through a web interface... Like when you buy a nas server.... If you have nothing good to say then don't respond

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