New here!



Hi I am new here and am liking the site already, I hope I enjoy my stay here. :)

Greetings - are you new to Linux or just to the forums?
Hello DJDUDE, Welcome to LinuxForum.

It's very nice to know that you've liked the site, i'm a great fan of vBulletin too :p.

Hope you have a great time over here.
Welcome to the forums DJDUDE.

Hopefully the more you stay, the more you will like it here :)

Everyone is very smart, and very nice, so not only will you have fun but your gonna learn a tonne about Linux!
Hi there and welcome aboard! It's great to see so many people joining Linux Forum - I am eager to see where this community will go. :) Whether you are new to the forums, new to the Linux operating system, or both - you are going to learn a lot and enjoy your stay, I am sure of it.
Hi DjDude! Im new here too. To be honest I find this site very useful especially for a noob like myself. A lot of people here really know what they're talking about so If you're new to linux I think you'll like it here :)
We all hope you enjoy your stay here, it's a fabulous forum with a great community :) have fun and see you around!

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