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i dont live in those provinces. when the time comes ill get some ram from my friend ebay.

Be very sure the ram you buy is compatible
I understand that may be the case, you are failing to grasp what I am suggesting with those examples, but I won't belabor the point.

But good luck.
yup, i will. ill need 2x 4gb ddr3 laptop ram. 1333mhz or something less speed.
i dont have a place here to buy ram.
i have to order it.
i cant remember what im failing to grasp here.
i dont have to buy any ram then.
In Update Manager, click on Edit...then select Preferences

1st page (Options) needs to look like this:

3rd page (Automation) like this:

2nd page is for blacklisted programs...don't worry about that for now

Have another look for the 'shield' icon down in the system tray....near the clock..
......having that there lets you know when there are Updates available. Keeping Updated is important

Do you have an external hard drive? that has a bit of room on it ?


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If you have a blip on your internet connection and get a corruption on the update downloads, you can always try
sudo apt update && apt --fix-missing or sudo apt update && apt --fix-broken
A reminder: Wine won't be able to run many Windows programs which are 64-bit only and lean toward requiring Windows10 or Windows11, and especially if they have other "wicked requirements" such as copy protection. Wine is quite good with 32-bit stuff which was created for WindowsXP and Windows7.

However on my side I have been having a few problems with freeware for music production. I purchased from this company from the Netherlands which have had a high reputation. The music plug-ins have been around for many years but the company have been updating them. The plug-ins work well on WindowsXP but, with Wine v8 available these days, I have been getting problems with getting them to show the GUI so I could enter my activation code. In another Linux OS installation one of the plug-ins from the same company was OK about visuals but kept changing to the default settings which is no good during music production. The same plug-ins worked well on anything compatible with Debian "Bullseye" which is about to be replaced as the stable branch, with Wine v5. A lot was done to Wine since then and the focus now is to make it more compatible with programs that require Windows10 at minimum.

There are programs that have a Linux version as well as Windows version, such as REAPER, which is shareware not freeware as it looks like for example from the Arch Linux standard repositories. (It's recommended to visit REAPER's website to download the program instead of relying on Pamac or other package manager.) On Linux it's strongly recommended to run the Linux "native" version of such demanding software. However won't be able to use libraries designed for Windows, which could be frustrating to a person having high expectations used to Windows.

This is part of my experience based on one of my interests. I'm trying to explain how the road could be long, winding and stony for the user who expects Linux to look and behave like Windows.

Creating a virtual environment to run Windows could be one of the most difficult jobs for somebody trying to learn Linux. You're better off keeping Windows only for the programs you feel you need to run there, and not leave everything to Linux. Especially if you bought a program for a lot of money and it runs quite well on Windows, there's no sense to try to force Linux to be the same way only toward that program, and then blame the OS when you want to do something else but you remain dissatisfied.

You're going to need lots more RAM than 4GB if you expect to have a virtual environment that goes smoothly. You seem unwilling to upgrade your computer, or to obtain another computer altogether with better specifications than the one you have. It will get in your way in your effort to "put Windows inside Linux".

It's not wise to play "wanna-be" toward a few persons having their own websites and/or creating Youtube videos of "how to do it" and "look what toys I have which are better/stronger than yours". It's easy to become anxious at such people who either have plenty of reputation to review things, or are just swaggerers not worth paying attention to.

I'm not saying this to discourage you or anyone else on the forum. There are other attempts to save users a lot of frustration, time and money wasted on solutions that don't work while they chase after their dreams.
linux is boring me now. and if i need more ram, it would be use for windows too.
linux mint cinnamon seems a little faster still using 4gb of ram.
i prefer ubuntu though, but the 18 is no longer supported and i cant even use 19 or 20 on my computer.
i know ubuntu22 is out, but i would not be able to use 22 either.not cause of ram issues, cause of my old intel cpu and bios.
i still uses bios, not uefi i guess i would have to get a new computer. if i missed any replies, i didnt see them.
im starting to miss the blue screens on windows. not death cause my computers i had never died from that.
blue is nice. and shouldnt it be code blue or something?
if i cant use ubuntu, ill have to use my innuendos.
i this im the one with the viruses and errors.
maybe im the one that needs the upgrade or if its windows, downgrade.
i need to use more lunix words here to make this relevant on here. linux, ubuntu, raspberry pi, mac? well kid of.
unix comes from linux? didnt bill gates and steve jobs steal linux, what was it called before, no not basic, but something else.
this was helpful. thank you everyone. i got to use my dusty ol brain today. im using google chrome on linux. can i use internet explorer though?
can i use internet explorer though?
But why? That program stopped being supported long ago in favor of Edge. Do you want to get a bunch of nasty programs leaving you unable to use your computer? If not then don't even write that program's name anymore.

It's the other way around, Linux is a descendant of Unix. Stop watching Youtube videos feeding stupid things into your head and making you incredulous.

Why do you want any blue screens especially... that one that I don't miss one bit. One of those actually caused the end of the hard drive of one of my laptops. Even though it was a chance to use 32-bit Ubuntu Studio, I don't like being reminded about it. I can't believe a 64-bit Linux OS could actually be even worse than Windows7 taking 3 to 4 minutes starting to the desktop. Back then Windows7 on that old computer was accessing the disk as if it depended on it absolutely, even for the poor screen redraws I suffered in all applications I use. The video worked very well with Internet Explorer and File Explorer, though.
if i was worried about all of that, i would never have used windows. but i try to look at everything on all sides.
yes, updates and changes are needed to combat bugs and viruses. you know im the most negative person ever right?
so i am going to be bias about what i read and write. my humor on the blue screen didnt pass huh?
guess my words on a screen are too serious.anyway, thanks for the info. youtube is awesome.
its my life. i guess when i need help again, i wont get it then cause of everything i said. im still confused though about what you are trying to get it. i said im slow. that wasnt a joke. linux people are too smart for me. thanks though.
i was going to try steam on cinnamon, but im having second thoughts about all of this linux stuff now.
thank you for responding to my message.
im installing steam on cinnamon sugar cause im bored. i dont know if it will work.
I'm only telling you a bit of what I experienced. That BSOD from Windows7 broke my heart. It was the only computer I had at the time. But as I've said, it opened an opportunity for Linux. At first it was uncomfortable but if I wanted to use a computer at all, I had to stick to the plan. I finally lost the computer in autumn 2017 during a natural disaster, screen became badly damaged.

From that point until early last year I couldn't easily use Linux. Now I'm glad it's around. It's not perfect and doesn't cover all the bases but... Jesus Christ is the only one that could be perfect. Must find something to talk about and complain about, right? :)

I don't like Android, I'm trying to resist as much and for as long as I can to get a mobile phone, but there's a public service I have to apply for soon that almost requires me to have a phone and e-mail address intimately connected, from Google or other such provider. It sucks. I had thought Windows7 was crummy. I had no idea that Windows8 was going to definitely persuade me away from personal computing if only I couldn't find a relative's computer to pick up Debian "Wheezy" and Ubuntu Studio "Precise Pangolin", in 2014.

The thing about Youtube is that enough people, each one shoots a video to say something that isn't true. If only it could be used far more often for educational reasons, and if the site's keepers didn't spend so much time fighting with its own users and with the developers trying to make it easier...
i rarely had bsod as people call it on windows 7 32 or 64bit. on 95, 98, 2000, and xp, for sure. not a joke, just my personal experience, but yes it can happen in every versions of windows. oh yeah, im windows 3.1 as well.
the j.c was just a man, not a god, not perfect. windows 8 is windows 7 metro according to experts, not youtubers.
i lost whatever this was and is. i installed steam though. i need to buy a game to see if it would work, and to make sure that it is compatible. i find android is hard to use, but reliable. i dont like touch screens, but there are ways around that.i cant even type in paragraphs like you can. im a loser. but thats okay. my emotions always gets the better of me. i can only imagine what people are saying about this bincent while looking at their phones and shaking their heads. im the problem, not you guys. well, back to sudo apt stuff i guess, still boring though. i still want to run windows inside linux.
is there a way to deactivate my account here. i dont need it anymore. im going back to windows.
youtube in linux is slowing down the videos.
it seem fine yesterday.
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