New hardware (CPU, MoB, PSU)


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Been looking around for some new hardware to update my computer. Just wondering what you all think about these parts: (It's from a Swedish site, just copied the links).


AMD FX-8320 Black CPU - 3,5 GHz - AMD AM3+


Corsair CX450M Strömförsörjning - 450 Watt - 120 mm - 80 Plus Bronze certificate


GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 (Rev 4.1) Moderkort - AMD 760G - AMD AM3+ socket - DDR3 RAM

All the other parts I already have (DDR3 RAM, ssd and so on). Linux seems to work fine on the Gigabyte mobo, from what I've read.

Don't have that much money to spend on a new PC right now, so I'm just going to get what I need, and to a low price. And Linux should run OK on it. I don't do any gaming. This is just for watching movies/youtube/skype/browsing etc.

Would much appreciate your opinions on these parts :)

// tbtb


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Hello tbtb,

Here's a review of your power supply.,5678-12.html

Power supply seems to be decent for the price and seems to be adequate for the build.

I always had excellent results with Gigabyte motherboards built well and seem to last from my experience using them.

It all looks to be good for a budget build and from my experience you buy what you can afford, been there and done that.

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