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Jan 13, 2022
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hi I'm the new guy. I started using red hat dual booted wit 98 back in the day. I have been using Linux on and off since then. I was in a bad accident 8 years ago spent 43 days in icu had a brain injury broke 9 ribs a collar bone a wrist and my left foot was all but torn off.IT was my second broken back also some internal injuries in all it took multiple surgeries and 4 years to heal. anyway i was able to keep my job as a windows system administrator. it just takes me longer to get things done and I ask a lot more questions. at 62 i am thinking of retiring in the next 2 years .
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Welcome aboard!

I was in a spectacular wreck (as a passenger) and got right messed up, the worst was a broken femur but I broke a bunch of other bits of my body. It only took one surgery, but they want to do another. I'm good without it.

I am the age where you will (perhaps) retire, but many of our members are older.

(Thanks for posting the intro. We're a pretty relaxed forum, full of character and characters.)
And I award beers as often as likes, I make a palatable home brew.

G'day @bartman59 and welcome - David @KGIII and I are both 57ers, and we are still considered young'uns by some :)


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G'day bartman,Welcome to

There wasn't much else of you to break !

Hang in there. The people here welcome you.
Welcome to the forums young'en
[from one of the slightly older members]
Welcome aboard Glad you made it through the worst and are able to still function. Enjoy each day it's a great gift!
@bartman59 G'day and welcome.
You have been through a lot mate, my respects to you.
But from my point of view @wizardfromoz and @KGIII are just whippersnappers as this year I come up to my seventieth revolution around our star called Sol. But my respects to them though as they know a hell way more than this little black duck about the OS's we all run and in a backhanded way help in making them better. Hey whippersnappers? :p:D
They might be younger, but they went through four years of healing and have brain damage - and they're still working on learning more. I give 'em extra kudos for that!