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I installed Kbuntu 12.04 on my desktop about 6 months ago. Was trying to set it up to be exact dup of my laptop (same version), so work would be seamless between the 2. Searching many times, I could not find anyway to copy the exact config off the laptop to the desktop. Now the laptop has crashed with "disk full" errors and all attempts to recover it have failed. See thread:

Now not only do I not have configs anywhere near the same as the laptop but I have these additional problems:

1. Mouse over any app, hides it where it can not be found, so have to restart new session of the app,

2. Reboot brings up sessions that are over 3 weeks old, so killing performance on the machine,

3. Background (unknown processes) bring the machine to a crawl, only able to make minor entries once every 5 minutes,

4. All major apps being used on laptop not present on desktop,

5. X-Win does screwy all the time. Whenever I open any OpenOffice sessions all the menus and tabs are unreadable, so can not work at all,

6. Additionally I have been using my 16GB flash to copy files from the laptop to the desktop and now the desktop always mounts the drive as "read only" and even attemps to reformat it fail, with permissions issues. I have been using the command:

mkntfs -FQL '16GB-Flash' /dev/sdd

Which appears to work, led on the flash pulsing for about 5 minutes, then returns "Failed" message, and rescan shows no changes to the device,

7. Also install the plasma_yawp weather widget, but can never get it to initiate or show on the panel as is supposed to.

If you know how to correct any of my problems please reply and help, I'm at the desperate point, since I can't even make email work right, nor invoice clients or work on documents.


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Oh on the X-Win problem it also does not consistantly open to the monitors default resolution most of the time, which is set at: 1600x900 (auto) in the "System Settings" + "Dispaly & Monitor" + "Size & Orientation".

Additional Problems:

Added items 6 & 7 to initial post!


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No external drive available and over 5 million files involved. Copy to new desktop would cause over 3 million dupes.
1) Get an external Hard Drive. Beg, borrow or buy
2) Use a LiveCD to copy off you files, no matter how many.
3) Do a new install and return copies of your files.
4) Develop a system for backup. Backup, backup, backup...

Why would copying to a new desktop CAUSE any duplicates? I cannot see why it should.

I agree with poster arochester over on backup, reinstall, restore from backup. You'll be back up and running in 30 minutes if all goes well.

You might also use this as an opportunity to upgrade to the new 14.04 release.
I also agree. Boot a live CD, backup your data, re-install because it looks too messed up to easily fix and you said you need it up ASAP.
Ubuntu is NOT a "rolling release". A short time ago, although it is now getting a bit better, upgrading from one release to the next was often a risky business. Yearly copying off files/Backup was the norm rather than the exception. (This is not to advocate the use of a rolling release because they are often difficult and you have to know how to get out of difficulty if you have problems.)

Recovery is the only option since I can not loose any data.
...Copying of files should not mean that you will lose any data. On the contrary, it is probably the best and safest thing too do...

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