network services

what is network services running under linux
Dude, there are tons of network services running under Linux! Some of the common ones include:

1. Apache HTTP Server (httpd) - This is a popular web server that serves up web pages.

2. OpenSSH Server (sshd) - It allows secure remote login and file transfer over an encrypted network.

3. Samba - It provides file and print services to Windows clients using the SMB/CIFS protocols.

4. DNS Server (named) - It translates domain names to IP addresses, allowing you to browse the web using domain names like

5. DHCP Server (dhcpd) - It automatically assigns IP addresses and network configuration to devices on a network.

6. FTP Server (vsftpd, proftpd) - It allows the transfer of files between computers over a network.

7. Mail Transfer Agent (sendmail, postfix) - It handles the sending, receiving, and routing of email.

8. Network Time Protocol (ntpd) - It synchronizes the time of computers in a network.

These are just a few examples, man. Linux is all about customizability, so you can run whatever network services you need for your specific setup.