Netflix crashes on Elementary OS



I recently put Elementary OS on my computer and I'm loving it so far! One thing I don't love though is the native support. I did however do the workaround with the webupd8 tutorial for pipelight and I was able to sort of get on netflix. By sort of, I mean, once I clicked a movie and it went to the loading page, it came up with a program error:
Program Error_002.png

and then once you click close it shows the crashed plugin thing and asks me to reload. This is what comes up under Show Details:
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00000010 in 32-bit code (0x7e0f921a).
Register dump:
CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b
EIP:7e0f921a ESP:043ee350 EBP:043ee368 EFLAGS:00210206( R- -- I - -P- )
EAX:00000010 EBX:7e1d8ff4 ECX:00000006 EDX:03ee7b68
ESI:00000010 EDI:047ca170
Stack dump:
0x043ee350: 008e158e 00000004 7e0e505b 7e1d8ff4
0x043ee360: 00000001 00000010 043ee628 7e107667
0x043ee370: 00000010 048573a4 00000000 7e19fab8
0x043ee380: 047cb580 3c1f1166 00000000 00000000
0x043ee390: 3c28e83f c0b79c95 c0400000 00000000
0x043ee3a0: 00000000 043ee780 00000000 043ee790
=>0 0x7e0f921a in wined3d (+0x4921a) (0x043ee368)
1 0x7e107667 in wined3d (+0x57666) (0x043ee628)
2 0x7e0e5f4a in wined3d (+0x35f49) (0x043ee658)
3 0x7e0e55fb in wined3d (+0x355fa) (0x043ee678)
4 0x7e0e61b5 in wined3d (+0x361b4) (0x043ee698)
5 0x7e0f64ce wined3d_device_draw_primitive+0x7d() in wined3d (0x043ee6e8)
6 0x7cf9ab63 in d3d9 (+0xab62) (0x043ee71c)
7 0x007587ca in npctrl (+0x187c9) (0x043ee758)
8 0x008e1663 in agcore (+0x71662) (0x043ee774)
9 0x008e173c in agcore (+0x7173b) (0x043ee7b8)
10 0x008e1772 in agcore (+0x71771) (0x043ee7cc)
11 0x008e1938 in agcore (+0x71937) (0x043ee8f4)
12 0x008e1a5e in agcore (+0x71a5d) (0x043ee970)
13 0x008e1aba in agcore (+0x71ab9) (0x043ee994)
14 0x008a101c in agcore (+0x3101b) (0x043ee9c4)
15 0x008e05d3 in agcore (+0x705d2) (0x043eea0c)
16 0x00952e2c in agcore (+0xe2e2b) (0x043eea18)
17 0x7bc80220 call_thread_func_wrapper+0xb() in ntdll (0x043eea28)
18 0x7bc8322d call_thread_func+0x7c() in ntdll (0x043eeaf8)
19 0x7bc801fe RtlRaiseException+0x21() in ntdll (0x043eeb18)
20 0x7bc899d8 in ntdll (+0x799d7) (0x043ef368)
21 0xb7526d4c start_thread+0xcb() in (0x043ef468)
0x7e0f921a: movl 0x0(%eax),%esi
Module Address Debug info Name (109 modules)
PE 400000- 533000 Deferred pluginloader
PE 740000- 870000 Export npctrl
PE 870000- f55000 Export agcore
PE 609f0000-609f2000 Deferred mscorrc
PE 79150000-794bb000 Deferred coreclr
ELF 7b800000-7ba60000 Deferred kernel32<elf>
\-PE 7b810000-7ba60000 \ kernel32
ELF 7bc00000-7bce4000 Dwarf ntdll<elf>
\-PE 7bc10000-7bce4000 \ ntdll
ELF 7bf00000-7bf04000 Deferred <wine-loader>
ELF 7cf7f000-7cfbd000 Dwarf d3d9<elf>
\-PE 7cf90000-7cfbd000 \ d3d9
ELF 7cfbd000-7d000000 Deferred rsaenh<elf>
\-PE 7cfc0000-7d000000 \ rsaenh
ELF 7d11c000-7d150000 Deferred
ELF 7d150000-7d16e000 Deferred
ELF 7d253000-7d276000 Deferred
ELF 7d276000-7d612000 Deferred
ELF 7d612000-7d66d000 Deferred
ELF 7d66d000-7d67a000 Deferred
ELF 7d6b6000-7d6ce000 Deferred
ELF 7d6ce000-7d6e5000 Deferred
ELF 7d6e5000-7d744000 Deferred
ELF 7d759000-7d78f000 Deferred uxtheme<elf>
\-PE 7d760000-7d78f000 \ uxtheme
ELF 7d78f000-7d7b6000 Deferred iphlpapi<elf>
\-PE 7d7a0000-7d7b6000 \ iphlpapi
ELF 7d7b6000-7d7e5000 Deferred netapi32<elf>
\-PE 7d7c0000-7d7e5000 \ netapi32
ELF 7d7e5000-7d8b4000 Deferred crypt32<elf>
\-PE 7d7f0000-7d8b4000 \ crypt32
ELF 7d8b4000-7d8ed000 Deferred ws2_32<elf>
\-PE 7d8c0000-7d8ed000 \ ws2_32
ELF 7d8ed000-7d901000 Deferred psapi<elf>
\-PE 7d8f0000-7d901000 \ psapi
ELF 7d901000-7d915000 Deferred msimg32<elf>
\-PE 7d910000-7d915000 \ msimg32
ELF 7d915000-7d9b8000 Deferred urlmon<elf>
\-PE 7d920000-7d9b8000 \ urlmon
ELF 7d9b8000-7d9df000 Deferred mpr<elf>
\-PE 7d9c0000-7d9df000 \ mpr
ELF 7d9df000-7da5b000 Deferred wininet<elf>
\-PE 7d9f0000-7da5b000 \ wininet
ELF 7da5b000-7da86000 Deferred msacm32<elf>
\-PE 7da60000-7da86000 \ msacm32
ELF 7da86000-7db3f000 Deferred winmm<elf>
\-PE 7da90000-7db3f000 \ winmm
ELF 7db3f000-7dc77000 Deferred oleaut32<elf>
\-PE 7db60000-7dc77000 \ oleaut32
ELF 7dc77000-7dd80000 Deferred comctl32<elf>
\-PE 7dc80000-7dd80000 \ comctl32
ELF 7dd80000-7ddfa000 Deferred shlwapi<elf>
\-PE 7dd90000-7ddfa000 \ shlwapi
ELF 7ddfa000-7e032000 Deferred shell32<elf>
\-PE 7de10000-7e032000 \ shell32
ELF 7e032000-7e057000 Deferred imm32<elf>
\-PE 7e040000-7e057000 \ imm32
ELF 7e09d000-7e1dd000 Dwarf wined3d<elf>
\-PE 7e0b0000-7e1dd000 \ wined3d
ELF 7e1dd000-7e1e3000 Deferred
ELF 7e1e3000-7e1ee000 Deferred
ELF 7e1ee000-7e1ff000 Deferred
ELF 7e1ff000-7e203000 Deferred
ELF 7e203000-7e20c000 Deferred
ELF 7e20c000-7e216000 Deferred
ELF 7e216000-7e21c000 Deferred
ELF 7e21c000-7e220000 Deferred
ELF 7e220000-7e227000 Deferred
ELF 7e227000-7e22b000 Deferred
ELF 7e22b000-7e24c000 Deferred
ELF 7e24c000-7e380000 Deferred
ELF 7e380000-7e392000 Deferred
ELF 7e393000-7e39e000 Deferred
ELF 7e39e000-7e3a1000 Deferred
ELF 7e3a1000-7e3a5000 Deferred
ELF 7e3a7000-7e43b000 Deferred winex11<elf>
\-PE 7e3b0000-7e43b000 \ winex11
ELF 7e492000-7e4bc000 Deferred
ELF 7e4bc000-7e4f0000 Deferred
ELF 7e4f0000-7e506000 Deferred
ELF 7e506000-7e5a0000 Deferred
ELF 7e5a0000-7e6c1000 Deferred opengl32<elf>
\-PE 7e5c0000-7e6c1000 \ opengl32
ELF 7e6c1000-7e744000 Deferred rpcrt4<elf>
\-PE 7e6d0000-7e744000 \ rpcrt4
ELF 7e744000-7e75e000 Deferred version<elf>
\-PE 7e750000-7e75e000 \ version
ELF 7e75e000-7e8d2000 Deferred user32<elf>
\-PE 7e770000-7e8d2000 \ user32
ELF 7e8d2000-7ea13000 Deferred ole32<elf>
\-PE 7e8f0000-7ea13000 \ ole32
ELF 7ea13000-7eac2000 Deferred msvcrt<elf>
\-PE 7ea30000-7eac2000 \ msvcrt
ELF 7eac2000-7ebda000 Deferred gdi32<elf>
\-PE 7ead0000-7ebda000 \ gdi32
ELF 7ebda000-7ec4a000 Deferred advapi32<elf>
\-PE 7ebf0000-7ec4a000 \ advapi32
ELF 7ef83000-7ef90000 Deferred
ELF 7ef90000-7ef9c000 Deferred
ELF 7ef9c000-7efb6000 Deferred
ELF 7efb6000-7efe2000 Deferred
ELF 7efe2000-7efeb000 Deferred
ELF b7365000-b736e000 Deferred
ELF b736f000-b7374000 Deferred
ELF b7374000-b751f000 Dwarf
ELF b7520000-b753b000 Dwarf
ELF b7550000-b7708000 Dwarf
ELF b770a000-b772c000 Deferred
ELF b772c000-b772d000 Deferred [vdso].so
process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 pluginloader.exe
00000009 0
0000000e services.exe
0000001d 0
0000001c 0
00000014 0
00000010 0
0000000f 0
00000012 winedevice.exe
00000019 0
00000018 0
00000017 0
00000013 0
0000001a plugplay.exe
0000001f 0
0000001e 0
0000001b 0
00000020 explorer.exe
00000021 0
0000002e pluginloader.exe
00000026 0
00000025 (D) Z:\usr\share\pipelight\pluginloader.exe
00000041 0
0000003c 0
00000037 0
00000032 2 <==
00000044 0
0000003a 0
00000035 2
00000028 0
System information:
Wine build: wine-1.7.24
Platform: i386
Host system: Linux
Host version: 3.2.0-67-generic-pae
Does anyone know how to fix it? Its really driving me NUTS!

Never mind! I finally got it to work! I found a workaround
WORKAROUND: Please note that this workaround will stay active until you manually deactivate it again.
# md5sum: 432697b21f0e94230f30ec57739f60b0
sudo wget -O /usr/share/pipelight/pipelight-hw-accel
sudo chmod +x /usr/share/pipelight/pipelight-hw-accel

# disable HW acceleration
/usr/share/pipelight/pipelight-hw-accel --disable

# do this manually when the bug is fixed:
pipelight/pipelight-hw-accel --enable
Nice I remember hearing they were making it more Linux-friendly but figured it would take longer lol looks like its really thanks to Google and w3c though :rolleyes:

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