Netbeans install error (problem with Java JDK)


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I have encountered a problem while trying to install "Netbeans" on linux. I am really just starting out in Linux, can anybody help me out. Please see attached images.






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yep Java can be tricky . So to clarify jdk is the full package runtime and development stuff.

the runtime environment is the "java virtual machine" or the software that makes it platform independent, the one that runs pseudo code.

So there are 2 choices I think:


from the first one it looks like its asking for Oracle flavour
Java Servlets and changing JSP to faces or whatever is also what drove me to php .

the other thing thats looks imcompatible is that it stated jdk 7 and later in your images i'm seeing java 11 .

From last time i used netbeans if you install a java JDK you don't need the runtime since its in the jdk. I think you have to define the netbeans and make sure it has the right version of Java . i had a quick google so for instance NetBeans 8.2 requires JDK 8,
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