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Mar 1, 2022
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I have a couple computers that are running Mint Cinnamon with Nemo as the file manager. On two of the machines, if I click the search icon and type *, And then press enter, The file manager lists all folders and files in that directory.
However, on my third machine, typing *, And then pressing enter, does nothing. All other searches seem to work normally. Has anyone run into this before?

On the 3rd machine, try it with


and report back the outcome, please.

G'day @dvdom and welcome to :)

You could do with giving us the version numbers of mint being used, too.


Chris Turner
The third machine, The one that works is running Mint 19.3 with Nemo 3.8.6
A search with either * or *.* Both work on that machine.

The machine that is not working is runningint 19.3 with Nemo 4.4.3

Running a search with just a * used to work.

3.8.6 is the Nemo that shipped with Mint 19.0 'Tara', and 4.4.3 with 19.3 'Tricia'.

You can find that sort of info at Repology, specifically here at

Now I cannot say if anything happened to remove the feature between the 2 versions, you would have to ask at Cinnamon Nemo's Git presence, here

Irrespective of whether you wish to try them, if you want to you could try downgrading Nemo to 3.8.6 and see if it works again.

If you choose that course, you could try following the guide here

I wouldn't do that without taking a Timeshift snapshot first and store it externally.

If you find a solution, please let us know.



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