Need to change subnet mask of static LAN IP Address as well for DHCP


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I do not know Linux. The box is Ubuntu Debian. (Not sure if that is how you say it).
I want to use the existing box I inherited to be a backup to my new firewall.
But I must use a /19 network and not a /16 network. Everything else will remain the same.
I got the config from the old Network admin and here are the commands that are pertinent.
The only thing that needs to change is the to
Is it like Cisco where I put a no in front of the command?

auto brlan1
iface brlan1 inet static
bridge_ports p1p1 p1p2
bridge_stp on

subnet netmask {
interface brlan1;
option routers;
option broadcast-address;
option domain-name-servers;
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