Need some help with my Linux based QNAP product to update kernel and i915 drivers to support i9 chip for onboard HDMI.


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I own a qnap TVS-872XT and the system comes with an intel 8th generation chip. Unofficially it supports i9 and it has been tried and confirmed as working. The only thing which doesn’t seem to work is the onboard HDMI with an i9 chip.
Essentially what I need is someone who knows what they are doing to look a way of making this work on my QNAP. unfortunetly qnap themselves won’t help with this because they do not support other CPUs in there products. So I am hoping someone here who knows what they are doing can take a look at my issue and I’ll pay them to fix it. I guess something may need to be done with the kernel or to update i1915 drivers.

many thanks


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what I mean is that on some linux operating system (ubuntu, debian, Q4os, ...) the hardware is not compatible it will not be recognized, you have to see the compatibility with some hardware.
this can be due to the drivers which are not installed, you can install them via firefox on your computer