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Jan 3, 2019
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Hello there!

Iam trying to set up a linux server, that is gonna run transmission and plex, (not for illegal movie use, but i like the way torrenting system works) ;) but this is the easy part of my problem, my real problem is bc i have really bad internet, my friend said that i could put it up at his house.

what i have tried now is to use OMV as Os, but i keep getting TLS handshake failur over openVPN when i try to connect to it, and iam not really sure that this is the easiest way to talk with my system.

so to my Questions.

Is OMV the best choice for what iam gonna use it for, or are there any better OS?
What is the best way to talk with my system on the given OS?

I have a plex server in my basement running CentOS .. it's stable and a great setup. You should find plenty of documentation with openvpn with CentoS, etc as well.
I would 2nd CentOs , after that would be Debian /Debian based .It's brilliant.

You may checkout the links provided below

The Plex .deb package gave a few users headaches on Stretch and Sid (I think) so I didn't provide the installation for Debian .You can look at the Ubuntu server and CentOs .Again , as Rob mentioned above for your needs I would definitely go with
Rmp (Centos).Also Rpm will be able to handle the other stuff as well .

All the best buddy and don't forget the FBI monitors these threads so they know what you doing ..I'm joking haha
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I suggest CentOS too. It's a great distro; stable, secure and yum is such a great package manager.

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