Need some advice on what Linux Distro to choose


i use linux mint, but i have tray kodachi, very long time.... at first installation work, then the they after don'work! don't find for WIFI (sic) >Every time is so. I have abbandone.... linux mint is at glance and you can all warfare. the connect with my iphone protected with VPN is istantanly. then no more problem.
I tried out MX Linux before Linux Mint, which is likely why it was chosen. It is slightly easier to use and more intuitive to find stuff in it than Linux Mint. Probably if Linux Mint had come first, I would of stuck with it, and never tried MX.

Kodachi (like TAILS) is not meant to be installed, but to run in LiveCD mode. I have heard on other forums that both Kodachi and TAILS were intentionally made difficult to discourage the attempt. I have a Dell OptiPlex 960, and Kodachi Linux works beautifully running on the DVD burner. TAILS will do the job, but Kodachi goes above and beyond. Like comparing a Volkswagen Beetle to a Rolls-Royce.


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antiX is the GNU/Linux OS of choice for such an old, limited resource small form factor desktop. It would help to know which options are within the machine, since there are so many. Core2Duo, Celeron, P4 or which CPU? Maybe more options within the myriad of distos could be available, but cannot truly know until all details are provided, OP.

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