Need linux version for very slow computer




I have very slow computer
dell latitude d620

I tried ubuntu 14.10. But laptop worked so slow with them, that it was unusable. What would you recommend. This laptop purpose will be only watch youtube and read news sites.

I'd go with what Arochester said, but I do know that Mint seems to work well with that Laptop, since, if memory serves me, I put it on a friends Laptop, which was a Latitude, I think..... :3 He Loves it!!..... ^^ But yeah, you should be good with Lubuntu....... :3
I'd go with Wattos Microwatt Edition for a system as low as 96-128MB on ram.

PS: that laptop seems to have a good amount of ram. Xubuntu/Lubuntu can be good choices then, as well as the other distros mentioned across the thread.
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I seem to have issues making a bootable USB for wattOS. Is there a particular method for it? DD or Unetbootin?
I'm running Xubuntu on a laptop (HP) with similar specifications (1.8GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM). I swapped out the hard drive in my notebook for a cheap 120GB SSD (Kingston - ran me $60). The SSD made an enormous speed difference. It appears that your D620 is also SATA, so you could swap out the hard drive. I like Xubuntu because PPA's behave well.
Try Slackware with next de: XFCE, ICEWM or Fluxbox. So the last two mast be confurate by textfile.

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