need help with window 7 / Linux mint 17 boot



I have a win 7 dual boot 32 bit and 64bit system. Some time ago I added Linux mint 16 to that same ssd hard drive. The grub boot loader worked fine as it was supposed to. I can boot to Linux or scroll down to load the windows boot loader to choose which win OS to boot.
Lately I added Linux mint 17 to a second hard drive and can't get that added to the grub. My first attempt over wrote the windows loader but I had both Linux distorts in the boot loader. I got the windows boot loader fixed and manually reinstalled the grub and pointed it to the older Mint 16 install and that got me back to my original system. At this point, I still have the Mint 17 install intact on the second hard drive but any attempt to add that to the grub installer manually deletes the windows loader and the scenario I described above repeats. I obviously am missing something here. Any help? Reading some posts Linux "boot repair" is mentioned. Would that help? Haven't tried that.

No idea why your keeping Mint 16 when Mint 17 is around and there is a no need for 16, but to each is own I guess. Try the Grub Customizer program to see if it will allow you to boot 17 also.

Another option is BURG which gives a nice looking screen for the bootup.

If you really want your splash screen to look totally awesome try this.

Hope this helps

Thanks Jim.
I tried the "boot repair" and that did the trick.
I am migrating from 16 to 17 and wanted to get everything working first under 17. Getting the epson printer to print and scan with wifi was a pain but got that working tonight. Also some hiccups with netflix desktop but got it done.
I will take a look at some of your suggestions though... would like to order the boot list differently so it defaults to the OS I pick rather than having to scroll to it.
Thanks Again
You must try the Grub customizer in order to reboot number 17

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