Need help with installation of kali linux 2019.1

Ali Raxa

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Feb 25, 2019
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I am doing a dual boot with windows 10 but when i start installer a messed up screen is shown on which I can move up and down but cannot see anything. Fast boot and secure boot are turned off and I'm making it bootable using rufus.

This is the screen I'm getting during installation!
Either, can you give us the make and model of your computer, or, can you give us the basic specs?

How did you try to dual boot? Did you follow a tutorial? Which?

Have you got a GPU? Which?
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1. I have HP 840 G1, 8GB Memory, i5 4300U Processor.
2. I've had installed kali linux on my previous laptop with dual boot. So, I didn't follow any tutorial this time.
3. System has AMD Radeon HD 8750M.
You may try disable (uncheck) "Hybrid Graphics" (or select "Integrated" - depend your BIOS Firmware) option in BIOS -> Advanced -> Device Configuration (or similar that), i'm did and it work (sorry my bad english :D )
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Something else you can try is to modify grub on the boot menu to add nomodeset, right after "quiet splash". This fixes many video issues during installations.

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