Need help with a school task


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The task is following:

Setup a server from scratch, with SSH secured (key based auth only, only a select group allowed to login)
Has to have Apache2/Nginx installed, with MySQL (root password changed) and PHP info page working
Cron job to copy over most important configs (backup)

would be nice if someone could do a guide with all the commands step by step.

I am running to Oracle Virtuabox with Cent OS 8.


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break it down set up server. They mostly probably mean "web server" as core; for maximum efficiency they usually strip back everything but , did your tutor say with no Desktop or GUI facility ?

Most distributions you can install a core web server (LAMPP) in one go .

Linux Apache MySQl pHP phpMyadmin

i use Apache on Slackware for web dev playing. There are a few tweaks in config and php.ini

webservers look for a file called index.html or index.php ; basically all that means is putting a html file at web root , which has something like <h1>hello world </h1> in <body> </body> tagand will be located something like /var/www/htdocs

index.html in web root,will be (parsed) visible from a web browser with address http://localhost or

for php info once index.html is working replace it with index.php which is just html that contains php code and has a .php suffix.

inside php put

<?php echo phpinfo() ?>

when that is rendered it will output a lot of stuff about php env

phpMyadmin will give a gui access to MySQl grant permissions password to tables etc.

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