Need help with a school task


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The task is following:

Setup a server from scratch, with SSH secured (key based auth only, only a select group allowed to login)
Has to have Apache2/Nginx installed, with MySQL (root password changed) and PHP info page working
Cron job to copy over most important configs (backup)

would be nice if someone could do a guide with all the commands step by step.

I am running to Oracle Virtuabox with Cent OS 8.


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break it down set up server. They mostly probably mean "web server" as core; for maximum efficiency they usually strip back everything but , did your tutor say with no Desktop or GUI facility ?

Most distributions you can install a core web server (LAMPP) in one go .

Linux Apache MySQl pHP phpMyadmin

i use Apache on Slackware for web dev playing. There are a few tweaks in config and php.ini

webservers look for a file called index.html or index.php ; basically all that means is putting a html file at web root , which has something like <h1>hello world </h1> in <body> </body> tagand will be located something like /var/www/htdocs

index.html in web root,will be (parsed) visible from a web browser with address http://localhost or

for php info once index.html is working replace it with index.php which is just html that contains php code and has a .php suffix.

inside php put

<?php echo phpinfo() ?>

when that is rendered it will output a lot of stuff about php env

phpMyadmin will give a gui access to MySQl grant permissions password to tables etc.


Can you 'cheat' and just use VestaCP? It's got all that good stuff in it, including the ability to schedule backups.

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