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Hello everybody, this is my first post.

I need help to create a script to update DNS records automatically on Bind, I have this idea: I have a 3 node Gluster NFS server (lets call the nodes "Gluster1", "Gluster2" and "Gluster3"), it is running Gluster as Replica (the 3 nodes have the same data all the time), the Gluster client mounts the share by pointing to a record on Bind called "Gluster" (ex: mount gluster:/data /mnt), that record have the 3 gluster nodes IPs associated (that's called DNS round-robin I believe), that means that any of the 3 IPs can respond when the gluster client does a DNS query for "Gluster". What I'm trying to accomplish is to give high availability to the Gluster server mount point by creating a script that pings the 3 gluster nodes constantly, and when a node stops responding the IP of the failed node gets remove from Bind, so when the gluster client does a query for "Gluster", it won't get the IP of the failed node, and when the failed node comes back again, its IP gets inserted again into Bind.

The 3 Gluster nodes, the Gluster client as well as the Bind server have passwordless (certificate) ssh authentication enabled, so it won't be a problem to send commands between servers through ssh; all the servers and clients are Debian 7.1 amd64.

Thanks in advance for your help.

How about use rsync to update the files from node1 to node2 and from node2 to node3??
Would that work for you?

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