need help installing kali liniux from USB to USB


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Hey I am trying to install Kali Linux on a USB from a USB but it will not work. I started by
Burning an ISO image of Kali Linux to a USB. I then booted from that USB and it brought me to
an install screen. I then when to graphical install and proceeded though the installation. It then
asked me to install a mark on master boot record in the original drive. I said NO, because when
I did that before it would not work when I take out the USB, it would bring me to grub rescue and
say that it is missing Linux on the master boot or something. This is not efficient for me because
I am using a laptop and don't want a USB in it forever. I said no and it finished the installation
successfully; however it would not do anything with the new USB when I started the computer
and booted to it. It would just give me a blank black screen. This makes me think there was an
issue with the booting so I reinstalled on the same USB and when it asked for the master boot
record I said no to the original drive and installed all related boot stuff on the same USB I was
installing ON. It did the same thing and I am now confused as to what I should do. I am wanting
to do the graphical install of Kali Linux from a USB onto another sub via a laptop, which has an
operating system that I want to keep in tact. I would appreciate any help from this thanks.
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To try to do a typical install like you would for an internal drive. Follow the instructions at (, it is really good documentation. The only only thing I do differently from them is I use Power ISO to create the bootable USB. The bootable USB has the full graphical interface and they have documentation on making a space for storing data if the usb is large enough.

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