Need Help Installing Firefox in Kali Linux

However the question might be a bit like the challenge for Houdini the escapologist. They put him in a room and challenged him to escape. he had a hell of a problem , since it turned out the door was already open

OK! But what is Tangent back on track ? Luke like a song for kid.... or a song french:eh, eh, eh
lets put it this way , i'm now on using live kali
kali@kali:~$ uname -r

the ONLY browser is firefox so i will put my Baker St cap on and deduce either it was a trick question or the user was naively unaware what browser kali was using ?


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you will have to excuse me being a slackware user but :

kali@kali:~$ sudo dpkg-query -l | grep firefox
ii firefox-esr 68.2.0esr-1+b1 amd64 Mozilla Firefox web browser - Extended Support Release (ESR)

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