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need help in detecting hardware failure

Discussion in 'Linux Hardware' started by bspai, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. bspai

    bspai Guest

    I am new to linux,
    I have a bash script which triggers some tasks if any one if below hardware failures are detected.
    1) if any hard disk bad sectors is detected
    2) if any ethernet interface is failed
    3) if any failure detected in nfs

    lunux version in context is 2.6, red hat

    my requirement:
    I dont want to run any specific tools to find out these conditions as it is not feasible in my context. I just want to see the error logs from Operating system and detect above failures.

    1) Is my requirement a possible case?
    2) Can I use /var/log/messages file alone to detect any of above these errors? or any more files need to be used?
    3) I believe if #2 is possible then I can use grub to check the error messages and then trigger.
    I needed exact error messages. Could some one suggest me links where I can find these errors?

    I saw that this section is for hardware related issues. So, I posted here. If there is more suitable place to post, I would be glad to know that.

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