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i can see more software to download as OS, I like to know which software is near to windows.
I never understand why users migrate from Windows to Linux and then want a Windows like environment or want Windows like software.


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Hello suraja4u,

Welcome to Linux .org

A good read.

Here'e a good way to try out Linux Distros without installing.
Written for Linux Mint it works for most other Linux Distros.

Read as many times as needed.

Linux Lite.

Linux Mint.

Linux Mint 19.3

Linux Mint 19.2

Linux Mint 19.1




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I plan to use Linux OS, till now I use only Windows. So, i like to know which OS in Linux is very much closely or similar.
Some people say Zorin is similar to the Windows desktop experience. Zorin even has a layout they call the 'Windows layout".
Check it out! :)

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