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Dec 16, 2018
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First off i'm not close to proficient in anything linux. However I can follow directions, the reason I am interested in pen testing is to possibly find any issues with software deploys prior to calling in a pen tester. A professional will always be used but it would be nice to find obvious issues ahead of time saving money etc.

I'm on a new Kali install and i've pointed all name server locations to my VPN address which is through unlocator.
I'm not sure if the issue is unlocator but I don't believe so, as I can still connect but it keeps adding my old DNS address back in. I have unlocator as it works well with blacks-outs across multiple systems. (play station etc).
However its only in Linux OS that the old Comcast dns keeps showing up in resolv.conf. CAT Dhclient shows the new IP but it first shows the old DNS. When I remove those they get put back in after restarting network.

I feel like some other file is taking control of resolv.conf - I've tried every recommendation I could find on editing the dnsmasq, dhclient config etc.

If anyone has seen a fix for this please pass along.

I don't mind changing the OS to another disto if this is easier managed. But Id like to use kali as that is what is installed at work. I also dont mind using opendns, but since im paying for unlocator Id like to use that from home machines.

Yes resolv was updating with the appropriate name servers but also was listing the old ones as well.
I ended up getting this to work by removing /etc/dhcp/dhclient.con domain-name, domain-name-servers, domain-search. Not sure if this is recommended, but it works for my purposes for now.

Just for the benefit of The Viewers, that's


The configuration file housing the domain material.

Welcome to @Unbonito and glad to see you are getting it sorted :)

Chris Turner
dhclient writes hes DNS information also just to /etc/resolv.conf where a dns resolver like dnsmasq, stubby, unbound etc. takes the values from. So you may be lucky when dhclient is the only source for nameserver IP but thats not a given - for example if you use dhcpcd or NetworkManager, they will still write into /etc/resolv.conf.

The best way is to look at /etc/resolvconf.conf - its the configuration how the /etc/resolv.conf gets written. See