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So Im on a mental meltdown edge, where I sit down with head between my knees bite my nails and watch the empire fall.

My computer woke up today to see that he suffers similar mental disorder as his master... it appears he have no memory, to be more specific 'no bootable device', I felt brave and av tried to help my wee pal, went for a surgery for him 'F2' and tried to look for some magic like 'repair HDD','go here press enter and magic will happen itself'. Unfortunately considering my usual luck with electro-medicine I couldnt get any further.

Then my briliance amazed me even further as I came to the idea to boot linux from usb..(imagine how much of a battle I had to create this wee treasure :rolleyes:... so proud of myself).

When I booted without install it showed me that this prick, hard drive is hidden on a toolbar of linux, like an icon HDD991GB, so he is vivid to the Linux from usb drive, but it cannot be detected by my own computer which has a linux installed on it... Im loosing hope here... read dozens of articles and not feeling like I can really do anything to help my wee one... Im on the edge :(


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1) Did it boot and work normally, previously?
2) Or have you just done a new install?
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