Mysterious or name change folder in Home.


jon jon

Mysterious or name change folder in Home.I upgraded to Mint 17.2 from 17.1 and a few days later I noticed a Folder that
has a name with maxed out number nines. I tried deleting and erasing with Bleach Bit but the folder reappears. I suspect
it is a system folder that is empty. I think it might be a home folder named under my nic Jon or a copy of desktop.
Some how it may be that the name got changed and replaced with nines. I can not change it back. I cant seem to locate a file manager to reset a possible default. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Update: When I use the upload a file tab and click on browse it brings up a desktop folder showing nines in the upper window. On the left window menu pane it shows that the desktop folder is open. It seems I have a duplicate folder.


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