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Mysterious or name change folder in Home.

Discussion in 'Mint' started by jon jon, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. jon jon

    jon jon Guest

    Mysterious or name change folder in Home.I upgraded to Mint 17.2 from 17.1 and a few days later I noticed a Folder that
    has a name with maxed out number nines. I tried deleting and erasing with Bleach Bit but the folder reappears. I suspect
    it is a system folder that is empty. I think it might be a home folder named under my nic Jon or a copy of desktop.
    Some how it may be that the name got changed and replaced with nines. I can not change it back. I cant seem to locate a file manager to reset a possible default. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Update: When I use the upload a file tab and click on browse it brings up a desktop folder showing nines in the upper window. On the left window menu pane it shows that the desktop folder is open. It seems I have a duplicate folder.

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