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Man do I feel weird not realizing this section was here before, hah.

Anywho, I've been an avid Linux user for the better part of a decade now (about 2003-2004). I've used a lot of them over the years. Started off with Knoppix, went to Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, etc...even dabbed in a little CentOS and Red Hat. If there's not something that already exists for me on a Linux box, I code it (usually in Bash if possible).

When it comes to security, its been my passion since I was 10 years old. There's nothing like staying up to 5 A.M. in the morning writing an algorithm just to see how far you can take it to me. I'm also always thinking of new ways to create that wonderful crypto-scheme (working on a project right now that might be of use...I'll be sure to post about it here when I'm done). All of my big projects, such as PAM-mongoDB are PAM modules, as I find it to be the most portable when it comes to authentication schemes. I also always leave my code open-source. Its not for any elitist reason or what-have-you, I just feel if I want someone to know their code is secure, then let them see what it does. For non-web development, I use C & C++ mostly, though I've also used a slew of others such as assembly (AT&T syntax is ungodly), and others I can't remember at this time. Web-wise, I strictly use PHP. Most database work is done via MySQL, but I've been contemplating on transitioning most of my projects to a non-relational database (i.e.: mongoDB) that'll be one heck of a project!

As my signature shows, I run my own security business, called Security For Us. I'm working on a site redesign right now, but the primary focus is on small to medium businesses, schools and residential. I take pride in what I do and always work to make it perfect the first time around.

Geologically I live in Michigan, on the outskirts of Detroit. Let me tell you, Michigan is one crazy state...and you don't know half of it until you live here most of your life, hah. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I'm always an open book. :)



Thats gotta be the longest intro I've seen yet :) Well welcome to the forum and I hope to see you around :)

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