My Lenovo S145's Synaptics Touchpad isn't working on any Linux distro, but it's compatible on my Windows OS (Dual Boot)


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My Synaptics Touchpad isn't responsive at all. It doesn't react to any action i perform on it, even the right and left clicks. When i run xinput, it doesn't show up in the output or when i run cat /proc/bus/input/devices | grep -I touchpad.
I think this is a kernel issue and that my touchpad hardware isn't compatible at all on the linux kernel. I hope they patch this issue in an update, but for now, is there anything else i can do ? (BTW my wireless mouse works totally fine on it)


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I am going through posts with no answer. I have a few minutes.

Which version of Linux are you using? If it's a Debian/Ubuntu/Mint type with APT, then try:

sudo apt install synaptic

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