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My Last Silly Question...For November Anyway

I'm looking for an OCR program for Mint, Tesseract OCR looks to be the one I'm needing, has anyone used it?

I have it installed, I thought I read the tutorial very well, but apparently I was mistaken...Imagine that.
Long question short...How do I launch or use it, it says via terminal, I input everything, but here I am with that deer in the headlights gaze.
Where am I messing up?
Tesseract is probably the best but also look into gImageReader is a graphical client for the Tesseract OCR engine - have a look here about it - https://github.com/manisandro/gImageReader#installation
here's my little script that works well with the i3 wm

#!/usr/bin/env bash
langs=(eng ara chi_sim chi_tra deu ell fin heb hun jpn kor nld rus tur)
lang=$(printf '%s\n' "${langs[@]}" | dmenu "$@")
maim -us | tesseract --dpi 145 -l eng+${lang} - - | xsel -bi
#grim -g "$(slurp)" - | tesseract --dpi 145 -l eng+${lang} - - | wl-copy

uncomment the line starting with `grim`, and comment the line starting with `maim` if you are using sway
Thank You

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