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I changed the default Audacious skin to the best I could with the intention to have more than one color in it (dark blue by default) which IMO was quite annoying. I changed the playlist text color, the analyzer color and some of the texts such as the timer and the song title next to it. I know that this part doesn't look very well but I couldn't find a better file for it.

In case you're wondering about the playlist font, its name is Open Sans SemiBold, size 12. It's free and can be found on the internet free for download.
And this is the user's string for playlist setting:
${title} (${file-ext}, ${bitrate} kbps)
This part is quite intuitive and you can experiment until you find the right strings for your taste.

If I ever find a way to get rid of the raster fonts, I'll update the archive on Google Drive and will announce it in this topic.

And finally - the skin was made with Audacious 3.10.1 but it should work with newer versions, if you use the "Classic Winamp" view (not the GTK view).

I've changed the link and now all versions are in one shared folder, so that if I ever upload another version, I won't have to paste a separate link. Still, this is the first time I'm sharing a folder, so if downloading doesn't work, please say so in this topic and I'll see what I can do to allow it.

Download from Google Drive - folder shared

Version 2 comes with more color and changes. There are some aspects of Winamp that I don't like, so I only took some stuff from its skin, the rest I did manually.
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Although I don't use audacious myself, this looks nice! :) I see you like satyricon, I'm not a fan but I do like a few songs, like black on a crown tombstone, that song is great. And ... eh, sorry for going a bit off-topic ;)


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I like the skin, it reminds me of the Winamp days.
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