My boss wants met to get rid of Linux and install windows

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Jun 10, 2021
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I am the only employee using Linux on my workstation (for the past 20+ years).
All employees use windoze on their workstations.
My boss notified me that this is a major security issue for the company.

His reasons are that they are using the following to protect the network and it cannot be used on linux:
1. Mimecast web security app
2. McAfee drive encryption
3. McAfee antivirus
4. McAfee firewall
5. McAfee device port blocking
6. Desktop Central Agent vir operating system & application updates
7. Group policy not working on domain controllers
8. Fortigate VPN client

Please help with concrete answers to prove him wrong! Thank you.

It would be interesting to know which OS is being used on the servers [its not unusual to have M$ desktops on a Linux server..and vice versa]

Ask him is this his idea or is it from the IT department, who probably don't have a clue about anything other than M$, then ask him why is he spending a fortune on windows licenses when Linux is free has less breakdowns and is inherently more secure. [but don't be as blunt as me] :D

1. Never heard of that, but most likely not needed or you can find an alternative that run on Linux, but most On-access virus scanners offer the same protection. See point 3.
2. You can do a full drive encryption on Linux as well, this can be done during installation or if you want to encrypt a separate data drive that can be done at anytime.
3. Anti-virus is not needed since most viruses are aimed at Windows users but Mcafee has a Linux VirusScan as well or another one.
4. Every Linux distribution has a firewall installed and you can configure it as needed. So you can block any open ports which covers point 5 as well I would think.
5. See point 4.
6. This is probably aimed at Windows clients but you can do your own updates since your system automatically notifies you when there are updates available, if you want you can configure it to automatically install it.
7. This is not going to work on Linux but, what group policies are being pushed that are needed according to your boss? Windows specific settings and policies get pushed to Windows workstations that don't apply to Linux?
8. Seems Fortigate VPN has a Linux client as well

Lastly your boss is mostly likely a manager and mangers know squat about technology and security, so is this coming from your boss or from the IT team(network, system engineers) or from the Security team? And if in the end you don't have a choice, install Windows on your system and then on top of that install Virtualbox or an alternative does that can do the same and install a Linux guest and set that up as your virtual workstation. That way your boss is happy and your are happy ;) Hope that helps!
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Then why doesn't he get rid of windows?
Interesting point..., if thy have to have all these protection programs for windows, then why dose it not ring alarm bells as to why windows is so insecure .
Please help with concrete answers to prove him wrong!
Proving your boss wrong is not always the smartest thing to do, especially if you embarass him in the process. There are many different dynamics in different workplaces.... you know your workplace, and we don't. You have been there for 20+ years, and hopefully your boss thinks you are valuable and would not want you to quit over this. (Would you?) That may give you some room to negotiate with him.

I would suggest caution, and maybe a certain amount of humility as you try to convince him. In the end, he's the boss. He may think you are overpaid and should be replaced by someone for less money (or maybe replace you with a friend or relative). If you are confrontational, that may be all the excuse he needs to fire you. Or he might assign to a job or department that you won't like. Good luck!
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if thy have to have all these protection programs for windows, then why dose it not ring alarm bells as to why windows is so insecure .
I have rarely met any management that likes to admit they're doing it wrong. :oops::eek:o_O;)

It doesn't seem to matter what "it" is. LOL ;)
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Yeah, 'off-topic' works.

Also, OP, don't change software that you're not allowed to change.
Thanks Stan :)

It does make ya wonder sometimes.

The OP may be busy installing Windows on his work station. ;)
:) Also from me, nice find, Nelson.

So far the good folk at have invested 13 replies in this matter, and us (you) 11.

I don't like to see time wasted by good-hearted people so I am putting a lock on this Thread.

If the OP wants to alter that, he can ask me or @KGIII in conversation, and we can open it to include each other so that we are on the same track.

Thanks as always for your input, folks.

Friday here in Oz so stay safe and


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