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Thanks for everyone's help. Tried ripit-had some issues around cddb. When googling a solution, I came across abcde. Tried this and was getting on pretty well, but then cddb stopped recognising track info. Most of these cds were recognised by clementine. Would like to have used command line for speed/convenience. Pretty much done with clementine now but I'm unhappy with how tracks are named, for example:

'1 - Kings of Leon - Red Morning Light.mp3'
'1 - Reverend and the Makers - Bassline.mp3'
'1 - The Courteeners - The Opener.mp3'
'2 - Kings of Leon - Happy Alone.mp3'
'2 - Reverend and the Makers - Out of the Shadows.mp3'
'2 - The Courteeners - Take Over the World.mp3'
'3 - Kings of Leon - On Call.mp3'
'3 - Reverend and the Makers - No Wood Just Trees.mp3'
'3 - The Courteeners - Cross My Heart & Hope to Fly.mp3'

Naming track 1st means artists aren't grouped together. I've been able to rename them individually by writing out the whole track name. But mv command does not seem to like the way I've tried to rename multiple files. Is it possible to rename multiple files using just mv command?
Reading a linux tutorial recently, I believe command xargs may be able to create what I'm after?
What's the easiest way to do this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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