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Music Creating Software for Linux?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Mdude186, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Mdude186

    Mdude186 Guest

    Hey guys i'm an avid Microsoft user and I'm wanting to switch to Linux. After reading a few articles online I think I will enjoy xubuntu the most. I was just wondering if you guys knew of any really nice and preferably easy to use music creating software out there for it. I have heard of Linux Studio, which as I understand comes packaged with the xubuntu install. I have also heard of LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio). I guess I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with these and could describe them in relation to typical Microsoft and Mac music software such as Garage Band or Acid Studio/Fruity Loops. I will be trying both out relatively soon so I will certainly post my thoughts back after I run some trials! Any other suggestion and comments on this topic would be wonderful though!

  2. ehansen

    ehansen Guest

    It largely depends on what you mean by "music creating". If you mean something like Fruity Loop Studio then LMMS is the closest and best you'll get. If you mean something like recording guitar, I've never had an issue with Reaper (which is a DAW). But if your audio device doesn't have an amp with it, and you cannot connect your guitar to your amp to your soundcard, then you'll need some effects for it to work (just like in Windows).
  3. agoodwriter

    agoodwriter Guest

    You can use fruity loops with Linux too, you just need to install wine at your Linux OS then you can easily install fruity loops same way you installed it at windows OS.

    Good luck!
  4. ehansen

    ehansen Guest

    Question though is what benefits would it provide? LMMS is a free alternative to it and is just as good. Not saying using it via Wine is a bad idea, but Wine was intended to use Windows programs that aren't available to Linux, FLS is available in the form of LMMS.
  5. Mdude186

    Mdude186 Guest

    Hmmm, I have to agree with ehansen on this one. I looked into LMMS a lot more and decided its between that and Renoise. I like the ease of use on Renoise a little more than LMMS but i'm sure with time i'll be able to adjust to LMMS just fine, I did use Fruity Loops for a long time. And to answer ehansen's question, its more for programs like Fruity Loops with samples and digital instruments that you can manipulate using the programs keyboard. I wish I was able to do the real instrument option but I just don't have that much time on my hands with college and all, this is more of a side hobby. But, thank you very much for all your replies, they were greatly appreciated!
  6. scotty

    scotty Guest

    You could try http://ubuntustudio.org/, Ubuntu Studio. It's a different version of Ubuntu with preinstalled "Multimedia Creation" software. I am not sure what exactly this entails, but apparently it is very good for a multimedia machine.
  7. psufootball

    psufootball Guest

    I actually needed to do a project with this a while back- what exactly are you trying to do with music creation and what kinds of features are you looking for?
  8. Although it's not Linux specific, I thought I might mention FL Studio . I've heard it runs well through WINE but I've never tried it myself. They do have some documentation about Linux use on their site. It's a decent app, atleast for what I do with it, and it's fairly inexpensive.
  9. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    If you want something similar to Fruity Loops, try out Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS), it has everything from beats creation, keyboards and sample arrangements. You may also try out Ardour, it's designed in C++ and has many such features similar to LMMS - http://ardour.org/
  10. offspringftw

    offspringftw Guest

    I would definitely go with Ableton if it is compatible with Linux. I'm not sure though.
    Otherwise I would with LMMS as some others said. Its Fruity Loops little brother, you could say.
  11. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    This without a doubt - however FL does work but dependent on OS. WINE? I am sure I had FL running on WINE last year, I have done so many conversions since then though... It could have been Fedora.

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