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Multiple Mail Server

Discussion in 'Mail Server' started by dino.d, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. dino.d

    dino.d Guest


    Is it possible to set up multiple mail server on a single linux server?

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  2. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    It probably is, but why would you want to? Multiple mail server will just add strain to the system.
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  3. Yes, it possible to set up multiple mail server on a single linux server, at first install linux box and in zimbra mail server , and create different domain.
  4. Kevin Milan

    Kevin Milan Guest

    • Forward zone for example.tst:
    			IN MX 10	mail.example.tst.
    mail.example.tst.	IN A
    • Reverse zone for example.tst:
      Code:		IN PTR	mail.example.tst.
  5. rstanley

    rstanley Guest

    I have set up multiple dedicated qmail servers, each one handling multiple domains, with little stress on the server. At the time I first started to install these, 12 years ago, qmail through stress tests, was rated as handling at least 50,000 20,000 messages per day. With today's more powerful computers, faster Internet, and multiple Ethernet connections, this limit would be much higher. I have never used Zimbra, but I would guess there should not be a problem, if configured correctly.
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