Multi-Multi Booting from the Ground Up


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I've not been able to keep up either, but I will try to get back and review this thread and the others. It's been quite a journey, and there is a lot to learn here for anyone wanting to get into multi-multi-booting, as well as the details of partitioning with Gparted and setting up the ESP.

I commend you both for your time, patience, and energy navigating through this difficult subject! :D


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All the praise should go to @wizardfromoz for putting up with me on a seemingly wild goose chase! I cxan't begin to thank him for the amount of Linux education he provided in these threads and - believe it or not I actually have a basic understanding of multi booting at this point! I actually have a functioning laptop with 6 working Deb/Ubuntu based distros on it!

As I mentioned I am having issues with my laptop #1 (the machine I was originally trying to set up as a multiboot) and until I can figure out how to fix those issues I won't be adding any distros to it. I plan to open a new thread tonight to try and sort out THAT problem (hopefully I haven't run everyone off)!

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