msi 770-c45 with AHCI ubuntu 12.04 does nt reconize the hdd! why?



what can i do?
if i go to disk utility i see the hard drive.
but the installer does nt.
if i use IDE mode it does work but i guess it will work slower.

thxs in advance

Is Ubuntu installed on the hard drive?

Also, do the command `df', and post the results.
i could nt install it yet.
i m just running a live cd.
i ll do what you say and i ll post it here.
Oh, in that case, do a `ls /dev' (don't do the df).

Also, how many hard drives are in the computer?
ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/cow 1030424 85056 945368 9% /
udev 1022792 4 1022788 1% /dev
tmpfs 412172 888 411284 1% /run
/dev/sr0 718124 718124 0 100% /cdrom
/dev/loop0 688256 688256 0 100% /rofs
tmpfs 1030424 24 1030400 1% /tmp
none 5120 0 5120 0% /run/lock
none 1030424 176 1030248 1% /run/shm
i have one hdd and two ntfs win partition

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ ls /dev
autofs mcelog sdb tty29 tty61 ttyS7
block mem sdc tty3 tty62 ttyS8
bsg net sg0 tty30 tty63 ttyS9
btrfs-control network_latency sg1 tty31 tty7 uinput
bus network_throughput sg2 tty32 tty8 urandom
cdrom null sg3 tty33 tty9 usb
cdrw oldmem shm tty34 ttyprintk usbmon0
char port snapshot tty35 ttyS0 usbmon1
console ppp snd tty36 ttyS1 usbmon2
core psaux sr0 tty37 ttyS10 usbmon3
cpu ptmx stderr tty38 ttyS11 usbmon4
cpu_dma_latency pts stdin tty39 ttyS12 usbmon5
disk ram0 stdout tty4 ttyS13 usbmon6
dri ram1 tty tty40 ttyS14 usbmon7
dvd ram10 tty0 tty41 ttyS15 vcs
dvdrw ram11 tty1 tty42 ttyS16 vcs1
ecryptfs ram12 tty10 tty43 ttyS17 vcs2
fb0 ram13 tty11 tty44 ttyS18 vcs3
fd ram14 tty12 tty45 ttyS19 vcs4
full ram15 tty13 tty46 ttyS2 vcs5
fuse ram2 tty14 tty47 ttyS20 vcs6
hidraw0 ram3 tty15 tty48 ttyS21 vcs7
hpet ram4 tty16 tty49 ttyS22 vcsa
input ram5 tty17 tty5 ttyS23 vcsa1
kmsg ram6 tty18 tty50 ttyS24 vcsa2
log ram7 tty19 tty51 ttyS25 vcsa3
loop0 ram8 tty2 tty52 ttyS26 vcsa4
loop1 ram9 tty20 tty53 ttyS27 vcsa5
loop2 random tty21 tty54 ttyS28 vcsa6
loop3 rfkill tty22 tty55 ttyS29 vcsa7
loop4 rtc tty23 tty56 ttyS3 vga_arbiter
loop5 rtc0 tty24 tty57 ttyS30 zero
loop6 sda tty25 tty58 ttyS31
loop7 sda1 tty26 tty59 ttyS4
loop-control sda2 tty27 tty6 ttyS5
mapper sda3 tty28 tty60 ttyS6

Oh, in that case, do a `ls /dev' (don't do the df).

Also, how many hard drives are in the computer?
i solve

i did this, this seems to help sometimes:
1. Start Ubuntu in live mode.
2. Start a terminal and remove the dmraid program:

sudo apt-get remove dmraid

3. Now start the installer and try it again.

with this it works great.
the issue now it does nt see how much i have used in the partition so i cant change the partition just format them and it wont let me change the size

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get remove dmraid

any idea?
Several years ago, when I was first started to play with Linux, I remember not being able to resize a windows partition, and ended up deleting it because Windows is of no use to me except to play vidya games (and the box was too slow to play games to begin with).

Point being that I'm only googling at this point.
I would install the package `ntfs-3g' if it isn't already installed, and use gparted to try to resize/modify/etc. the filesystems.

Also, this thread is really worth giving a good stare at for this:

Moreover, it seems there are in fact three partitions on that harddrive; /dev/sda[1-3].

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