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For much longer than I care to admit, I've been trying to 'mount" this GalaxyS 1 Anycall. I've read just about every "how-to" there is, have been to just about every help site there is all to no avail. I've tried to install the driver needed far more times than I can remember. Oh, the comps "said" they installed, but could never get phone to be recognized??? So, if there's anyone who knows how to mount an Andriod phone using LM17.3, I'd be so grateful if you'd respond.. phone specs: Samsung GalaxyS Anycall model shw-m110s running Froyo 2.2; the phone is rooted. I need to upgrade the O.S. because most apps will not work with Froyo.
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A generic guide:
# fdisk -l
It might show the device, e.g.
Device        Boot      Start
/dev/sdb1                   0
If it shows up, mount it then:
# mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt

This might help you, the article is from 2010, as Froyo is.
Wow, that's pretty old! I have not played with phones for a long time, and my memory isn't what it used to be either! Have you found a ROM that is a compatible upgrade? I don't think anyone would be currently doing any dev work on that... so I'm curious how far you think you can take it? Gingerbread? Honeycomb? Higher than that?

I don't remember that Linux needed drivers to access phones that I played with, but Windows sure does. Besides drivers, you may need other "tools" from that time frame... the software that was used to flash a new ROM. Current software may or may not work for you. There was a Windows program called Odin that worked well, or ADB and Fastboot. If I remember right, Linux needed the Android development package, and maybe Java development too.

Most Android phones I've used actually auto-mount in Linux, but you have to WAIT for a bit until it gets past the Windows autorun routines. Just let it sit there for awhile and it comes up like a flash drive so that it can transfer files back and forth with the computer.

Sorry, but I'm far too rusty at that stuff to offer any meaningful help. @Mitt Green has good advice and an informative link for mounting the phone, but replacing the OS is going to be a bigger challenge, I think. Good luck, and let us know how you're progressing!

THANX Mitt::

OK, I'll check that out as soon as I can use my friends laptop again!! LM17 did "recognize" that my phone was there by providing hardware id. number, but it wouldn't mount it? Perhaps you've given the answer(I hope)!!!!!
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Yes, in terms of "electronics" age it's a dinosaur.(almost 6 yrs.) Oh, yes, there are ROM's for Jelly Bean and KitKat. I have been told that this phone can only accept/run up to KK (?) OK, next time I'm able to borrow my friend's Linux machine, I "wait"! Samsung has it's own program called "Kies", although I've heard both Odin and Kies work well. It stands to reason one unix would recognize another(?) And last, yes Mitt has offered up some good articles that I'm going to implement. Wish me good luck.....I'm sure I'll need it!!!!
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Good luck indeed! It may be quite a challenge, but that's how we learn stuff.

Sometimes that "wait" can seem like a long time, maybe a full minute, or longer. I've had a couple of phones that worked that way though, so I hope that it works for you also.

I recently got a new (unlocked) Google Nexus 6P, so maybe I will start playing with that stuff again before long too. But it will still be a very different game than what you are playing. Even though I haven't been looking into it yet, I'm sure there is lots of development going on with the Nexus phones.


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