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Mount your google drive in linux

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by Rob, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    So - looking into ways to mount my google drive from a Linux box.. I've seen articles using 3rd party apps to mount google docs, but you're actually connecting to the 3rd party instead of docs.

    Does anyone know if drive.google.com is compatible with webdav, sshfs, etc..?

  2. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    I've read that it is, not sure about the mounting though with WebDav. Is this for the drop?

    Would it not be a similar method to mounting Box.Net http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202761

    I'm a noob so do not quote me on that :)
  3. Rob

    Rob Guest

  4. savannah

    savannah Guest

    thats great to get to know

    am new to this forum site would like to have any recommendations :)
  5. There is an SDK available, so someone will probably make a linux solution soon. There is also a drive on Google+ going on right now to get Google to add a Linux client, in addition to the Windows, Mac, and Android clients (not to mention their plans for an iOS client.)
  6. Jason King

    Jason King Guest

    Mount Google Drive in Linux

    I wrote a quick howto for mounting your Google Drive readonly on my website.
    Which I can't link to since this is my first post..

    Most of the information is from here git hub which I also can't link to..

  7. Jason King

    Jason King Guest

    OK, now that I can post links.. I created a quick walkthrough on my website
    I got most of the info from github It's kinda complicated and the feature set will probably change rapidly causing you to have to recompile it as new features are added.
  8. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    Ahhhhhhhh - now I was wondering about the compiling of data as and when features are added.

    And yes I heard about the dropbox (above post) which I think may come sometime in early summer. I have seen some similar features hanging around though.
  9. Jason King

    Jason King Guest

    There are a couple of Google Doc tutorials that allow you to mount using Nautilus or GTK but I'm not sure how they authenticate which worries me plus the packages are pretty out of date. I'd rather run something with active development than add one of those old PPA's that are no longer maintained.

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